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Metal garage, metal buildings, steel buildings
Clint Butler Construction was started in 1986 by, you guessed, it Clint Butler. He began his venture in the Salinas valley and has since moved the entire operation to the base of Mount Shasta, here in northern California.

We service all the way down past the central coast, up into Oregon and Nevada. Since the beginning, our company has taken pride in providing construction services for projects such as: Medical facilities, office buildings, church structures, warehouses, garages, shops, bottling plants, retail stores, carports, metal roofs, and even metal building repairs.

Over two decades of experience has taught us that the most important part of any project is the trust between everyone involved. That is why we, at Clint Butler Construction have strived to surround ourselves with only honest, dedicated employees and partners. We don’t do business with people we don’t trust or don’t trust us. It is the foundation and moral center of our company.

Our always honest approach has made us the award winning company our clients have come back to time and time again. You can depend on us for your most complex projects or the simplest of tasks. We understand all the code requirements and special provisions that go into medical facilities and government funded projects. Our experience has grown through projects under 1000 sf to projects over 1,000,000 sf.

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